Our Mission

United in Jesus’ love, we learn, serve, and grow through faith and action.

Tri Church is a partnership in the gospel between three ELCA Lutheran Congregations; St. John’s of Sterling, St. Paul of Sterling, and Immanuel of Rock Falls, IL. This collaboration in mission and ministry allows us to serve in ways we would not be able to on our own. We are the church together!

Tri Church Committee:

Nancy Breed

Pastor Susan Davenport

Pastor Jacob Gawlik

Carla Haubrich

Deb Keaschall

Brian Luebke

Pam Machan

Denise Norman

Pastor Bree Truax

Greg Zeigler


Bouquets of Hope Project Participants:

Betty Clementz

Larry Cooper

Gerald & Mary Foskitt

Lois  Rowzee

Libby Schrader